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If you have an idea, suggestion or an event please email us at rlh@tcda.org

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 A Bit of History 

   Organized on July 6, 1960, the Titusville Redevelopment Authority has continued to exist,
without interruption in the performance of its public corporate purposes. 

The Authority’s initial projects in Titusville were in Urban Renewal and consisted of projects
such as “Better Days Urban Renewal Project” (Drake Mall) and “Golden Days Urban
Renewal Project” (Perkins, Fisher Big Wheel, Golden Car Wash, Titusville Beverage,
Pennbank Corporate Office, Central Towers Senior Living Facility) and “Creekside urban
Renewal Project” (McDonald’s)

In addition to these earlier achievements were the Rockwood Drive Housing Development to
alleviate the city’s housing shortage, the widening of Allen Street as an entrance way to Drake
Well Park and the establishment of the Titusville Branch of the University of Pittsburgh.

In more recent years as a continuation of the Golden Days Urban Renewal Project, the Billie
Brown Senior Living Facility, a doctor’s office complex and an assisted living facility have been

The Redevelopment Authority also administers smaller community programs.  The City's
Community Development Block Grant Program has been administered by the Authority
since it's inception. Currently on behalf of the City, there has been a concentration on removal
of blight and several condemned houses have been torn down.

Other projects undertaken by the Authority with CDBG funds has been the upgrading of
sanitary/storm sewer lines in certain areas of the city and installation of handicapped
accessible sidewalks and curbs.


 110 W. Spring St., 2nd Floor, PO Box 425, Titusville, PA 16354                                                814-827-3668


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